MoEngage and Storyly: Powering up conversion and engagement with Stories

MoEngage and Storyly: Powering up conversion and engagement with Stories

Connecting with your audience is the key to a successful marketing campaign, but with so many channels and platforms available, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts. That's where Storyly comes in. As a mobile-native Stories platform, Storyly makes it easy to create immersive and engaging content that your audience will love. And now, with our partnership with MoEngage, we're taking things to the next level.

MoEngage brings powerful audience insights to Storyly 

At Storyly, we understand the importance of delivering tailor-made campaigns that resonate with your audience. By seamlessly integrating MoEngage's audience segments into Storyly, we're making it easier than ever for marketers to connect with their audience and deliver relevant, personalized campaigns.

With MoEngage's powerful analytics, marketers can access granular insights on audience behavior and preferences. By leveraging these insights, thanks to our partnership, marketers can design campaigns that make the best use of their efforts, avoiding inundating users with messaging they've already seen and responded to. With Storyly's labeling feature and MoEngage's powerful analytics, marketers can craft campaigns that are tailored to specific audience segments, resulting in higher engagement rates and greater ROI.

Effective audience segmentation with Zero-Party Data

Crafting an effective marketing campaign relies not only on the ability to deliver compelling messaging, but to know when to deliver that message and to whom. The ability to integrate multiple data stacks directly into campaign creation allows marketers to remain agile and impactful. 

You can establish two-way communication between your brand and users by adding interactive stickers on your Stories. They allow you to gather zero-party data to further enhance your audience segmentation. Ask your users about their preferences, interests, and needs and send them as custom attributes to MoEngage to create new segments. When combined with the data-driven analytics capabilities of MoEngage, marketers can effortlessly enhance their engagement ecosystem to deliver stunning campaigns and meaningful results.

Build better re-engagement campaigns across channels

That's not all there is - Storyly also offers an additional feature that further amplifies the impact of this integration: Inbox Stories. As one of the most cost-effective methods of direct marketing, email campaigns remain a tried and true tool for marketers. Unfortunately, in an attention-scarce digital landscape, emails are often briefly scanned by their recipients and then discarded.

Inbox Stories is a unique way to improve click-through rates and inspire audiences through emails that contain Story content. With the Storyly-MoEngage integration, you can leverage the power of both platforms to create highly targeted campaigns with rich, interactive content.

For example, you can use MoEngage to identify users who have abandoned their cart and then send them an email with a Story showcasing the product they left behind. Or, you can use MoEngage to segment users who have shown an interest in a specific category of products and show them  Stories, highlighting your latest offerings in that category.

Inbox Stories is just one of the many ways that Storyly is helping marketers improve engagement and drive results. Using the power of Stories and combining them with MoEngage's powerful analytics and audience insights, you can create truly personalized campaigns that deliver real impact. Bring your email campaigns to life with Inbox Stories, a whole new way to improve click-through rates and inspire audiences in a way that standard emails can’t match.

How it works?

Unlock the Power of Storyly and MoEngage

By combining the power of Storyly Stories with MoEngage's audience insights, marketers can deliver relevant, personalized campaigns with maximum impact. Whether you're looking to drive conversions, increase engagement, or simply connect with your audience on a deeper level, Storyly and MoEngage have you covered.

To learn more about how Storyly and MoEngage can help you level up your customer engagement, contact us today.


Kaan Uyanık

Product Marketer who embraces empathic understanding, creativity and data. User-centered and product-driven approach to drive business impact and scale. Trained cultural sociologist who used to study communities.

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