Tips for eCommerce Marketers for Paris Olympics and Euro 2024 Season

Tips for eCommerce Marketers for Paris Olympics and Euro 2024 Season

The excitement of UEFA Euro 2024 continues to capture sports enthusiasts worldwide. And the anticipation for the Paris Olympics escalates as the date approaches. In the midst of that, there is a golden opportunity for eCommerce brands and marketers to engage a global audience and to get an advantage from this surge in enthusiasm. With millions keeping their eyes glued to their screens, cheering for their favorite teams and athletes, brands have the unique chance to weave their offerings into the fabric of these grand events. Want to know how to make the most of these worldwide events? I asked this question to eCom industry experts and gathered their insights together. Let’s see what their tips are!

The Role of Real-Time and Limited-Time Engagement in Capturing Audience Interest

Kevin Watts, the founder of Raincross, emphasizes the importance of engaging with audiences in real-time. During significant sports events, fans are constantly on social media, sharing their excitement and commenting on the games. Brands can harness this activity by posting live updates, reactions to matches, and conducting real-time polls or quizzes. "During the tournament, use social media platforms to share live updates, engaging content, and interactive polls related to the events. Utilize platforms like Twitter and Instagram Stories for instant interactions. We saw a significant uplift in engagement for a sports retailer by capitalizing on live event hashtags and real-time posts during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, resulting in a 15% increase in sales.” Watts recalls.

Michael Kiel, founder of Boat Planet is also focusing on the limited time offerings. “Sports events such as the Paris Olympics and Euro 2024 have created a lot of hype. To ride this wave, brands can give promotions which are only eligible during the events or offer products for limited periods. In this regard, create discounts based on themes, packages or even items that can only be sold exclusively during these days. For example, you may decide to sell athletic gears cheaply by either giving out flash sales during critical matches or slashing their prices altogether.” says Kiel. Like real-time offerings, limited-time offers will definitely boost interaction, but they also keep the brand relevant during fast-paced events.

As an example, in a recent carousel post we prepared together with Prisync, Storyly’s Head of Marketing Irem Isik, also highlighted how real-time marketing can significantly drive engagement during these events. “Watch out for the hype moments. Chase real-time marketing opportunities. Use viral moments creatively to strengthen your brand awareness and drive traffic to your stores.” Isik explains. 

You may wonder how to engage creatively? You can boost real-time engagement with Storyly’s interactive elements. Integrate Storyly into your app or website and engage your users with polls, quizzes, and reactions during live events. This will enhance user experience but also provide you with valuable zero-party data and actionable insights to tailor your marketing strategies effectively.

Tailoring Promotions to Sports Events

Event-specific promotions are a powerful tool for driving traffic and conversions. Dieter Hsiao, the Managing Partner and CEO of DIVISA, advises taking the advantage of promotions that align with significant moments of the games, such as a team advancing or a record being set. “Offer limited-time discounts or bundles when a specific team wins or when a medal is awarded. During BFCM planning, we noticed sales peaks aligning with well-timed promotional events. Applying similar strategies during the sports season can engage customers by leveraging the excitement of the moment, driving them towards impulse buying.” Hsiao explains. This strategy can transform passive viewers into active shoppers, drawn in by the thrill of the moment.

For a practical example, look at our Germany-based customer, idealo, who created interactive and shoppable content specifically for the European Championship, localized for different countries. This approach, shared by Storyly’s Head of Marketing, Irem Isik and Customer Engagement Team Lead, Nurcin Turgut, on LinkedIn, as an inspiring in-app campaign example for other brands to follow. Check out Nurcin and Irem’s previous posts for more insights and inspiration!

Personalizing the Customer Experience with Email Marketing

Personalization can significantly enhance how customers interact with your brand. Magee Clegg, Founder and CEO of Cleartail Marketing, highlights the success of personalized email campaigns. By tailoring emails to match customer interests—such as favorite sports or athletes—brands can see a remarkable increase in engagement. “Segment your email lists based on user interests related to the events. In past projects, we scheduled 40+ qualified sales calls per month using segmentation strategies. Personalized emails that cater to fans of specific teams or athletes can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates. Tailor your messaging to the high points of the events to maintain relevance and urgency.” Clegg notes. This approach makes the communication more relevant and engaging, and fosters a deeper connection with the audience.

Utilizing First-Party Data for Targeted Advertising

As the digital landscape evolves with the phasing out of third-party cookies, Kevin Watts points to the importance of using first-party data for more targeted advertising. “With the phasing out of third-party cookies, tap into first-party data for targeted programmatic ads. Tailor your ads to relevant demographics who are likely following the events. For instance, during major sports events, we custom-tailored programmatic ad campaigns targeting specific regions and interests, leading to a 25% increase in click-through rates and higher conversion rates for our clients.” he states. This method ensures that ads reach an audience already interested in similar events and makes them more likely to engage with the content.

Creating Exclusive and Themed Merchandise

Creating exclusive, event-themed merchandise can attract customers looking to celebrate these events. Limited-edition products that celebrate the Paris Olympics or Euro 2024 can generate excitement and prompt purchases from enthusiasts eager to own a piece of the event. “Focus on how your products tie into social events. The Olympics and Euro 2024 will cause people to gather at social events, whether it’s a pub or a house party. For brands whose products fit into a social environment, like clothing, promote products and craft storytelling about why people need your products for their events. After all, the moment someone snaps a picture of you when your country wins will be permanent.” says Greg Zakowicz, Sr. eCommerce expert at Omnisend

And Adhip Ray, the founder of adds this: “Work with players, influencers, or sports fans who are similar to your brand to make content that is real and relatable. You can reach more people and gain their trust through sponsored posts, unboxing videos, and live Q&As. Influencers can also give away free stuff or offer special discount codes, which can bring more people to your eCommerce site and help you make sales.” 

Leveraging User-Generated Content to Build Community

Magee Clegg also recommends leveraging user-generated content (UGC) to enhance credibility and build a community around your brand. “Engage your audience by encouraging them to share photos or videos using your products while watching the games. In a campaign for a client, we generated 170 5-star reviews in just two weeks by capitalizing on UGC. Featuring such content in marketing campaigns boosts credibility and creates a community feel around your brand.” he says. Presenting customer photos and stories can make your brand feel more relatable and trustworthy, turning one-time buyers into loyal fans.

Enhancing the Online Shopping Experience

A seamless online shopping experience is crucial, especially during high-traffic events like the Olympics or UEFA Euro 2024. Ensuring that your website can handle increased traffic and that the user journey from homepage to checkout is smooth can prevent potential frustrations and lost sales. Implementing features like live chat or AI-driven customer support can also enhance the shopping experience, providing real-time assistance to shoppers navigating your site. Sergey Solonenko, founder and CMO of Algocentric Digital Consultancy highlights this as, “Leverage AI to recommend products based on customer preferences.” 

Embracing Sustainability and Ethical Practices

In today’s market, many consumers are interested in supporting brands that are environmentally conscious and ethically responsible. Highlighting the sustainability of your products or the ethical measures your brand takes can resonate with a broader audience. “Highlighting the sustainability of products can resonate with environmentally conscious consumers. And 58% of consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase. ” shares Shamsul Duha.


The Paris Olympics and UEFA Euro 2024 are great global sports events, but they are also big cultural moments that bring people together from all around the world. For eCommerce brands, this is a great chance to get noticed and become a part of this global excitement.

Using strategies like real-time marketing, special promotions, and personalized messages helps brands connect with customers in an active and meaningful way. By using modern technology and smart data, companies can make sure their products meet the specific interests and emotions of sports fans. Also, showing that your products are sustainable and ethically made can attract more customers who care about the environment.

By taking advantage of this time, eCommerce brands can improve their visibility, increase their sales, and create a loyal group of customers. The key is to move quickly, be creative, and stay true to the festive spirit of these international events.

And platforms like Storyly can help you revolutionize your digital presence by enabling you to create engaging, shoppable content, personalized customer journeys, and interactive experiences that keep your audience coming back for more. Contact us to learn more about how Storyly can elevate your marketing efforts during the Paris Olympics and Euro 2024 season and more.


Deniz Koç

Deniz is a Content Marketing Specialist at Storyly. She holds a B.A in Philosophy from Bilkent University and she is working on her M.A degree. As a Philosophy graduate, Deniz loves reading, writing, and continously exploring new ideas and trends. She talks and writes about user behavior and user engagement. Besides her passion in those areas, she also loves outdoor activities and traveling with her dog.

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