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Chip Increases Brand Trust and Makes Financial Education Accessible with Storyly Stories!

Dilayda Soylu
February 23, 2023
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Chip needed a more engaging content that helps them to build trust with its users.


Storyly helped Chip to create more engaging content that increased engagement rates and further the loyalty.

higher brand trust

tighter customer relationships

high value content

British Investment and Savings platform, Chip, is making wealth building accessible for new investors through their mobile app. Powered by an AI that helps users automate their savings and make smart investments without micro-managing their accounts, Chip has grown to 500,000 users in just five years.

Challenge #1 Feature adoption and financial education

Ease of use is a key value proposition for Chip, and many within their target demographic are new to investing. This means that providing financial education to their users is a high priority for the Chip team. Not only do they want to teach users how to use the app and more about their financial futures, but the format for the content needed to be highly accessible for newcomers to the topic. 

Challenge #2 Building brand trust

Although brand trust is key for any company, it is especially true for financial apps. Chip had built a strong foundational audience based on automated savings, but wanted to deepen those relationships to increase investments. The more users trust Chip, the more deeply they can invest in the app, both emotionally, and literally. 

Challenge #3: Making content more engaging

In promoting their app and features, Chip relied heavily on email campaigns, which, while effective, didn’t always translate to higher engagement. Rather than focusing on navigating the crowded space of social media marketing, Chip wanted to grow their platform internally and cultivate their audience through engaging content. 

And that’s when they found Storyly!

Solution #1: Stories provide accessible feature and financial education 

The world of investment finance can be intimidating for unfamiliar audiences, but Chip makes content accessible with educational Stories directly in their app. Stories are full-screen, which eliminated distractions, are controlled with a simple tap, reducing pace frustrations, and are interactive, perfect for engaging audiences. 

Solution #2: Deepening brand loyalty with user success Stories

The Chip marketing team has had great success using Stories to help encourage users to get the most out of the app and its features. Through Story tutorials that educate users on how to set up automated savings, start investing or open an ISA, users can learn at their own pace. 

The team has also used Stories to create a “How I Use Chip” series that provides social proof to their users by sharing how different people within the company use the app. By putting a human face to the user journey, and making this content accessible directly within the app, “How I Use Chip” Stories help users identify their needs and see the solutions that Chip can offer. 

Solution #3: Creates Hype and increases engagement

One of the main appeals of Chip is that users can confidently automate their wealth-building strategies through multi-asset funds. While this ‘set and forget’ strategy helps draw in new customers, it doesn’t directly contribute to app engagement. As the digital landscape’s most captivating content format, Stories are perfect for creating in-app engagement opportunities for Chip’s users. Story content helps the Chip team give their users reasons to keep coming back to the app that aren’t focused on micro-managing their finances. Instead, users come back to learn more, discover more, and move money into different savings products.


The Chip marketing team has been thrilled with how easily Storyly Stories fit into their app's look and feel. By continuing to publish high-value content for their users, Chip is able to build brand trust, nurture customer relationships, and educate their audience about how to get the most out of the app. Looking ahead, Chip is excited to take advantage of the Braze integration to connect Storyly to their CRM and take their audience engagement to the next level!

Want to increase engagement and investment like Chip? Book a call now! 


Dilayda Soylu

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