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How tbi Bulgaria Boosted User Engagement and Increased MAU through Gamification and Segmented Content

Dilayda Soylu
February 19, 2024
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tbi bank is a bank that is focused on providing alternative payment solutions and operates primarily through mobile devices in South East Europe. The bank is committed to creating an ecosystem that combines financing and shopping to meet the needs of its customers. Its primary objective is to assist merchants in expanding their businesses while also providing consumers with financial products and services that simplify their lives.

Challenge 1:Tackling the Problem of Increasing Monthly Active Users (MAU)

One of tbi's main challenges was to increase the Monthly Active Users (MAU) and maintain it at a high level. To achieve this, tbi planned to implement gamification tactics for their users. However, creating such tactics internally requires a lot of time and resources. Therefore, tbi decided to explore third-party solutions to implement the gamification strategy to keep the MAU high.

Challenge 2: Creating a Dedicated Platform for Engagement and Education 

tbi Bulgaria is facing a challenge in providing users with a dedicated platform for further communication and education. They aim to establish a space where they can actively engage with users, impart financial knowledge, and showcase the latest offers.  For example, they want to highlight merchants' offers, providing users with compelling reasons to regularly log in and explore the available opportunities. 

And they found Storyly…

Solution 1: Level Up the User Engagement and MAU with Gamification

tbi Bulgaria has implemented a gamification strategy to increase user engagement by creating a different gamification scenario each month, along with a corresponding prize. They use Storyly to create unique gamification experiences that encourage users to increase MAU and participate. For example, one of their gamification groups is called "Treasure Hunt", where tbi Bulgaria hides a letter in each of their daily Stories. Users are challenged to find all the letters and uncover the hidden phrase. The first five people to correctly guess the phrase are selected by tbi Bulgaria as winners. This gamification tactic has proven to be very successful, with the highest response rate from users. This is how tbi Bulgaria started implementing gamification to enhance user engagement.  

Solution 2: The Power of Interactive Sticker to Gather Zero-party Data 

With the interactive stickers, tbi Bulgaria has been given a valuable chance to gather feedback from its users. Through Storyly's platform, tbi Bulgaria can engage with its users in a variety of ways, including polls, quizzes, and question stickers among others. These interactive stickers allow tbi Bulgaria to gain valuable insights into its users' preferences, opinions, and behaviors, which can inform its product development, marketing strategies, and overall business decisions. By using interactive stickers, tbi Bulgaria can create a stronger relationship with their users and create a more loyal and engaged customer base.

Bonus: Improving User Engagement through Segmentation with Storyly

tbi Bulgaria is now focusing on providing more personalized and segmented content to their users. They understand the significance of offering customized content to their users and plan to use Storyly to achieve this goal. By converting interactive sticker responses into new segments, they will be able to deliver more personalized content. For instance, they will use poll stickers to ask users about the app's features and functions. This helps to identify users who are not familiar with certain features, and tbi Bulgaria will create segments for these users to send informative messages.


tbi Bulgaria implemented Storyly, a gamification platform, and achieved impressive results. They were able to increase their monthly active users significantly, receive a 53% response rate to interactive stickers, and achieve a 77% engagement rate with over 65,000 responses to interactive stickers. Moreover, the gamification strategy helped tbi Bulgaria gather valuable feedback from their customers, create personalized content and provide unique and engaging experiences to their users. Additionally, before implementing gamification, tbi Bulgaria saw an increase in monthly active users by 8.85% after the first treasure hunt. The percentage of monthly active users then increased by 17.6% after implementing different games in December and January.


Dilayda Soylu

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