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Footasylum Opens Shoppertainment Channel with Storyly Stories

Dilayda Soylu
March 27, 2023
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Footasylum needed a way to engage with its users, to customize their offerings and to deepen brand partnerships.


Storyly helped Footasylum to create in-app and on-site content delivery to engage with its users, to offer customized suggestion and to be a unique channel.


increase in homepage CTR


decrease in exits


boost in conversion

Founded in 2005, Footasylum is a leader in British street and sports fashion with a focus on offering their customers a huge selection of apparel and footwear from top brands that let them express their personal style. By keeping their finger on the pulse of the latest trends, Footasylum has cultivated a loyal audience of young, fashion-conscious shoppers both for their 65 brick-and-mortar locations as well as their online presence. 

Challenge #1: Success on Social Doesn’t Always Translate Internally

Fashion is about more than just clothes and shoes. It’s a form of self-expression and cultural signaling, and Footasylum knows how to give their customers the social proof they crave with content that highlights the latest trends in street fashion and sportswear. But while their YouTube channel flourished, and their content went viral on social media, the Footasylum brand wasn’t capturing those engagement metrics on their own website or in their app. The team at Footasylum needed a way to keep their audience engaged internally and utilize their vast content library within their own platforms. 

Challenge #2: Help Users Get to Bestsellers Fast

Shoppers love the convenience of online retail, but their expectations for navigation speed are rising every day. Like many eCommerce brands, Footasylum needed to find a balance between showcasing their extensive product catalog and helping their users get to their next favorite thing as quickly as possible. The spatial limitations of the app format can make this even harder, and even on browsers, users are reluctant to scroll. Footasylum was looking for a way to offer their users a more streamlined experience by showcasing more products in less space. 

Challenge #3: Deepening Brand Partnerships with Premium Positioning

Footasylum carries many top-name brands in street fashion and sportswear and has been generating content that successfully drives a desire for these products in their stores and online.  But what if there was a way for Footasylum to create more value from that content, not just for themselves, but for their partners and users as well?

And then, they found Storyly!

Solution #1: Stories are the Ideal Channel for In-App and On-site Content Delivery

With Storyly Stories, Footasylum is able to publish their content in their own app and on their website, giving users more to engage with and reasons to increase session duration and cart value. By generating exclusive content for their app and encouraging their YouTube and social audience to download for access, Footasylum was able to increase app usage, and benefit directly from engagement with their content. 

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Solution #2: Story Groups Help Shoppers Find their Favorites

When online shoppers arrive at the Footasylum website, the first thing to grab their attention is the Story Row which features top sellers, categories, and promotions so that customers can see the latest and greatest offerings all in one place. By clicking through the Stories, users can easily discover new products and navigate directly to product pages with embedded CTAs as soon as they see something they like. As a primarily visual medium, Stories are perfect for helping shoppers navigate options and variety without being overwhelmed. 

Solution #3: A Unique Channel for Product Promotions

The marketing team at Footasylum has been able to utilize the Story channel in their app to offer their audience’s favorite brands premium placement in their content creations. With this arrangement, customers get a front-row seat to captivating content that helps them discover their next favorite things, partner brands get a highly engaging platform in which to access Footasylum’s audience, and Footasylum enjoys increased conversions and stronger relationships with the brands they carry. Everyone wins!


Footasylum is excited to see how quickly integrating Storyly has advanced their engagement strategies. Offering Story content in-app has helped achieve an increase in app downloads and improve retention. On Footasylum’s website, the Story Row has earned an 18% increase in CTR, a 21% decrease in exits, and an overall 8% boost in conversion! Over the next 12 months, Footasylum is planning to focus more on in-app engagement, with Storyly playing a central role in their strategies. We’re excited to see their growth!

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Dilayda Soylu

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