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How Kapital Bank Improves Campaign Participation and New Feature Adoption

Kaan Uyanık
June 24, 2021
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Communicating campaigns to Kapital's existing in-app audience to increase feature adoption, retention, and conversion.


Birbank used Storyly to launch new campaigns in their app. Social media import makes it easy to repurpose content in a fresh way.


increase in conversion rate


of users reached


click-through rate

Founded in 1874, Kapital Bank is one of the biggest banks in Azerbaijan, and their mobile app, BirBank has more than 3 million users who rely upon the app to manage their accounts, organize payments, and more. 

Kapital Bank positions itself as one of the most progressive banks in Azerbaijan and is an early adopter of and pioneer in the digitization of financial services. They are actively invested in utilizing the latest in mobile technology to help their customers access their services anytime, anywhere. For Birbank, Storyly Stories was a clear choice for boosting the usability of their app. 

Challenge #1 – New Campaign Communication in the Right Spot

Kapital Bank frequently launches campaigns with limited-time offers or benefits for their customers from cashback programs to bonuses. To spread the word about these campaigns, Kapital Bank marketers relied on paid channels, often aimed at potential users. Yet, it was a challenge to communicate these campaigns where it mattered the most: to the users who are already in the app and most likely to participate. 

Kapital Bank marketers needed an in-app channel that would allow them to communicate these campaigns directly, in an engaging way, to their existing audience.

Challenge #2 – New Feature Adoption

Banking and finance apps inherently contain rich and complex capabilities and Kapital Bank’s mobile app is no exception. It has many features designed to help customers make the most of the mobile app. Yet, ironically, they were often difficult for customers to discover and were underutilized. Kapital Bank was struggling to find the most effective way to introduce these new or ignored features. 

Since feature adoption is crucial for retention and loyalty, BirBank wanted to overcome this challenge and help their customers use their features, hassle-free.

How Did Storyly Change the Picture for Kapital Bank?

Kapital Bank understood the power of the story format and the interactivity that Storyly could bring to the otherwise one-way communication structure of a mobile app.

As users are already used to consuming the interactive story format, Kapital Bank integrated Storyly into its mobile app, BirBank, to change the course of the game, and renew the communication journey with their customers with addictive and mobile-native stories. The results were immediately visible and exciting!

“We needed a solution to increase the time our customers spend in the app and notify them regarding our new services in an engaging way.” - Tarlan M. - Kapital Bank Digital Marketing Expert

Solution #1 – Campaign Stories: The Answer to Achieving Broader Campaign Reach, Higher Engagement, and Greater Participation Rates!

Kapital Bank used Storyly to launch its new campaigns with app stories. As BirBank announced these campaigns on various channels, including social media, they brought the same content to their app in story form thanks to the social media import function of Storyly. Birbank was able to publish full-screen, immersive campaign stories complete with video and animation elements directly to millions of Birbank’s in-app users. 

When launching a new credit card campaign, Kapital Bank announced it using stories, and the campaign participation rate improved by 64%! For the “Cashback Program,” Kapital Bank reached 50% of their customers via stories with around 40% CTR in the first week of the campaign. Compared to push notifications which have a 57% opt-in rate and 4% open rate, stories have proved to be a more effective tool to reach customers.

“With its interactive features and mobile-native experience, Storyly brought outstanding results on reach & engagement metrics, surpassing any other channel we use.“ - Tarlan M. - Digital Marketing Expert – Kapital Bank OJSC

Solution #2 – Feature Stories: The Easy and Efficient Way of Announcing New Features and Services!

BirBank has announced its new features with stories to encourage their users to try them out. With a few steps, Kapital Bank marketers have created onboarding stories to use the power of mobile-native, rich content to communicate their newest updates.

After a new service or feature was launched, they published “how-to” stories introducing its benefits and use. New feature stories have enabled BirBank to achieve long-term engagement by increasing feature activations. 

BirBank’s journey with Storyly has just begun. With each new Storyly feature, there will be more success stories to tell together.


Kaan Uyanık

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