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Swisscom Drives Engagement with Compelling Story Content

Dilayda Soylu
March 15, 2023
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Swisscom wanted to increase engagement and to connect its users to community supported customer care.


With Storyly integration, Swisscom can get more attention without disruption and can effectively connect its users to its resources.


of the Swisscom audience recognizes Stories


express interest in Story content


average CTR on Story promotions

Swisscom is one of the most trusted communication brands in Switzerland, providing a wide range of telecommunication services to users across the country as well as in Italy. Currently controlling 55% of the mobile communications market share as well as half of the broadband market, Swisscom takes their role as the number one provider of information and communications technology very seriously. By providing a customer-centric experience and keeping an eye towards future innovations, Swisscom aims to “inspire people in the networked world.”

Challenge #1: Increasing Engagement and Session Duration

Swisscom’s analytics were able to let them know that most of their user base was in the habit of checking the app or website once a month, mostly to confirm or pay a bill. Though users were satisfied with this functionality, Swisscom could do more to provide their users with a higher value experience by offering resources and high-quality content. Swisscom hoped that by giving their audience high-quality content, they would have reasons to visit the app and website for reasons other than bill pay, do so more frequently, and stay for longer sessions when they do visit.  

Challenge #2: Connecting Users to Community Supported Customer Care

Providing a high-quality customer service experience is key to success for any business, but it’s especially important for communications companies to excel at, well, communicating. Ensuring that each customer has access to the help they need with minimum friction in the problem-solving process is a high priority for Swisscom, but can be difficult to provide at scale.  

One of the ways that Swisscom supports their users is through Swisscom Community, an online community that offers questions and answers, discussion topics, expert support, and educational resources. Swisscom knew that their audience could benefit from becoming part of the Swisscom community, but connecting app users and web visitors to the conversation proved a challenge when most didn’t take the time to explore. 

And then they found Storyly!

Solution #1: Stories Guide Users to Compelling Content

Adding Stories to their app and website has helped Swisscom give their users a reason to explore beyond the utilitarian functionality of the app by promoting their best and most useful content. By offering useful content in an easily accessible manner such as Stories, Swisscom has been able to increase the value that users get from the app, inspire them to spend longer in the app, and increase monthly active users significantly by supporting the larger engagement goals for the company.

Solution #2: Getting More Attention with Less Disruption

Stories are ideal for grabbing audience attention without compromising on user experience. Full-screen, interactive Stories offer users an immersive experience for clear and direct communication, keeping users informed of the latest and greatest deals and helping them take advantage of offers with a single tap. 

Customizable Covers for Story Groups means that apps can go beyond the familiar circle to design a Story entry that works with their app design and interface. Swisscom was especially appreciative of this feature since not only do square covers make for a better aesthetic match with their app, but they are able to offer their users more Story groups in less space. 

Solution #3: Connecting Users to Resources and Education with Stories

Providing and promoting great content with Stories does more than increase engagement with the app, it also helps Swisscom drive traffic to the Swisscom Community, a customer interaction forum that helps users address and solve challenges and learn more about telecommunications services. 

Swisscom Community helps to reduce the burden on the Swisscom customer care team since many users can turn to the forum for advice or to help answer questions. The more their audience uses the platform the better it becomes, and the more effective it can be as a customer resource. Driving app traffic to the forum through Stories is a lever to the forum’s success. 

Plus, the Swisscom team can create educational Stories that address frequently asked questions and common needs and keep them available in the app giving customers even more resources for success. 


The Swisscom team has been extremely pleased with Storyly’s ease of use, noting the speed with which their team became oriented within the dashboard and could hit the ground running. They also value the ability to design, publish, and analyze Story campaigns all in one place which supports their omnichannel marketing strategies. 

In a recent survey of their app audience Swisscom found that 80% of their users had recognized the introduction of Stories into the app and knew how to use them, and nearly as many (79%) were interested in the content being promoted by the Stories they saw. 

Also Stories get average 17% click through rate which is higher than the previous banner channel. They’ve also seen an increase in user engagement, session duration, and number of user visits per month. 

What’s next?

Swisscom regularly uses in-app surveys to gather customer feedback, but plans to use Stories with question stickers to increase the participation rate of these surveys in the coming months. With zero-party data, Swisscom can guide their content strategy for the future. 

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