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How Vitat Overcame Challenges in Driving Sales, Engagement Sustainability, and Effective Communication‍

Dilayda Soylu
May 9, 2024
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Vitat was born in 2021 with a mission to democratize access to health and well-being for thousands of Brazilians. Their goal is to assist individuals on their journey towards a healthier life by simplifying daily care. They achieve this by connecting people to a wide array of content, services, products, and experts both in the physical and digital realms. Their approach is practical and healthy, seamlessly fitting into individuals' routines.

Challenge 1: Navigating Activation in Health and Wellness

In the realm of health and well-being, engagement is a real challenge for Vitat. While programs serve as the backbone of their app, enticing users to actively participate in daily activities remains daunting. Many individuals initiate endeavors towards better health only to abandon them shortly after, a trend observed by Vitat particularly around the seventh day of programs. 

Challenge 2: Navigating the Challenge of Sustaining User Engagement

While initially attracting users to join programs is relatively easy, Vitat faces the tougher task of keeping them engaged over time. They knew that the real challenge lies in maintaining user interest and involvement for the long term, requiring ongoing innovation and effort.

Challenge 3: Enhancing Communication to Guide Users on Vitat's Wellness Journey

Vitat faces the challenge of effectively communicating its value proposition to users who often download the app. As one of many applications competing for attention on users' phones, Vitat struggles to convey its benefits amidst the noise. The Customer Experience (CX) team conducts numerous interviews to gather insights, focusing on onboarding, program usage, and customer service. While these interviews provide valuable feedback, users still express confusion about where to begin and how to navigate the app's wealth of information. Hence, there's a need for Vitat to explore and implement a new communication channel to effectively engage and guide its users through their wellness journey.

And they found Storyly…

Solution 1: Boosting Sales and Engagement

Prior to integrating Storyly into Vitat's app, the absence of "become premium" buttons restricted the app's capacity as an acquisition channel. However, Storyly's introduction brought about newfound flexibility by enabling diverse points of sale within the app, including buttons post-onboarding, story+push features, and more. Consequently, Vitat experienced a remarkable 38% increase in sales through the app from December to January. In addition to this, 15% of users who viewed Stories proceeded to check out, demonstrating the tangible impact of integrating Storyly on revenue generation and user engagement.

Solution 2: Utilizing Storyly's Visual Format to Drive Sales

With Storyly integrated into Vitat's app, the visually appealing format became a hit among users. This format not only facilitated a clear sales funnel but also enhanced user engagement. Users were drawn to the visually stimulating Stories, making it easier for Vitat to showcase its benefits and partners, guiding them through the process of purchasing Vitat Cuida, the premium version of the app. This visual appeal played a crucial role in capturing user attention and driving conversions, ultimately contributing to increased sales within the app.

Solution 3: Enhancing User Retention with Storyly

Vitat integrated the platform into their retention strategy. Leveraging Storyly within content delivery programs and feature presentations, Vitat engaged users through captivating stories, complete with high Call-to-Action (CTA) elements. Additionally, they utilized Storyly for gathering feedback, creating a dynamic and interactive user experience. By combining push notifications with Storyly's deep linking capabilities, Vitat ensured seamless user guidance, facilitating exploration of app features and updates.


In summary, Storyly's integration into Vitat's app has yielded significant results, addressing challenges in user activation, drive sales, engagement sustainability, and effective communication. With Storyly features land visually appealing formats, sales increased by 38%, while user engagement metrics saw notable improvements. Notable peaks include a 70% CTR for "Alimentação Flexível | Proteína" and a 92% Response Rate for "Vitgame | Diário da Gratidão 2." This partnership highlights Vitat's commitment to innovation and democratizing health access, solidifying its position as a leader in digital wellness.

In their future plan, Vitat aims to reach more people, especially big companies in Brazil. They see themselves as a health partner for these companies, offering customized well-being benefits for their employees. With personalized plans and apps, Vitat empowers employers to boost employee well-being effectively.

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