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Airtime Rewards Boost User Engagement and Transactions with Storyly

Dilayda Soylu
March 4, 2024
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Airtime Rewards is a platform that combines data-driven marketing technology and customer loyalty platform. The company has partnered with major mobile network operators and high street retailers to offer rewards solutions to their members. Airtime Rewards uses their own rewards platform and integrations with Visa and Mastercard to provide a seamless experience for their members and retail partners. 

Challenge 1: The Need for a Channel to Increase In-App Engagement

Airtime  wanted to create a new and fresh-looking location within their app as a new communication channel in an effort to drive increased member engagement.  As the Airtime program grew to over 3.5m members, Airtime needed to create more opportunities to target members with personalized messages to increase customer value. Therefore, they are determined to create a space that not only looks great but also functions seamlessly, providing members with a hassle-free experience..

Challenge 2: Need for a Place to Increase Retailer Visibility and Drive Business Growth

Airtime Rewards offer a highly targeted platform for retail partners to deploy intelligent marketing campaigns. For this reason, Airtime required that any partner offered a similar level of targeting capability. In addition, Airtime has set a goal to enhance the visibility of their amazing retailers and boost transactions by highlighting the exceptional services of their retailers to members. The company is looking to create more opportunities for their retailers to interact with their members and build stronger relationships. By showcasing the retailers' unique offerings and services, Airtime hopes to encourage more transactions and drive business growth for their retailers.

And they found Storyly…

Solution 1: Boosting customer engagement with Storyly's dynamic content experience 

Airtime previously didn't have a feature like Storyly where they could directly link products and other content in a full-screen format. The call-to-action (CTA) buttons are intuitive and engaging, along with other features such as the countdown interactives, and pinning options which all help Airtime to increase engagement. In addition to this, the native feel of Storyly makes it easy for members to consume and fits well with the branding.

‘’Storyly emerged as the ideal solution for us due to its capacity to enhance our retail partner promotion efforts significantly. By effectively showcasing their products and seasonal sales, Storyly breathed life into our retail partner brands. Given our app's demographic skew toward millennials and Gen Z members, Storyly's engaging and user-friendly interface perfectly aligns with their preferences. ‘’

Zach Lari - Airtime Rewards

Solution 2: Segmentation skills to increase transactions and discovery 

Airtime benefits greatly from the segmentation feature of Storyly as it allows Airtime Rewards to target specific members with certain communications. This helps Airtime with their marketing strategy and leads to higher transactions and adoption rates. For instance, if members haven't added a card to the Airtime Rewards app, they will see a Story that guides them on how to add a card and the benefits of doing so. However, if they have already added a card, they won't see that particular story. This way, Airtime can tailor their marketing to each member’s needs and preferences.

Solution 3: Gathering zero-party data by using Storyly interactive stickers.

Airtime has come up with two different ways to engage their members. The first way is by using an interactive questionnaire about the service, where the winner is rewarded with a five-pound prize. This approach has proven to be a successful technique to encourage members to explore the app and get familiar with their features. The second way is by adding surveys to the stories, which are created by the product team. These surveys gather zero-party data from members and ask them about new features to understand if they find them useful or not. This approach has been an effective way of collecting feedback from members about new features and improvements to the app. By collecting zero-party data, Airtime has been able to make data-driven decisions in order to improve the overall user experience of the app.

‘’The pivotal moment arose when we recognized the seamless integration of Storyly into our data-driven offer segmentation and personalized communications strategy. With its lightweight SDK, Storyly became a top priority for integration into our product roadmap.’’

Zach Lari - Airtime Rewards


Airtime's partnership with Storyly resulted in significant financial gains, including a +74% total incentivized spend and a 5% increase in average order value. This collaboration also enhanced user experience and engagement, leading to increased transactions, session length, and retailer discovery. Notably, a 4-week AB test demonstrated remarkable results, with retailers leveraging Storyly experiencing up to a 60% surge in transactions and transaction value, especially notable among fashion retailers. Moreover, the variant group witnessed a remarkable upswing of up to 330% in engagement with retailer detail pages, indicating heightened engagement and transaction rates. Overall, this successful partnership drove business growth for Airtime.


Dilayda Soylu

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