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Sadapay Helps Users Gain Financial Knowledge and Independence With Storyly Stories

Dilayda Soylu
December 22, 2022
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As Sadapay grows, they need to communicate debit card wait times to eager users without burdening the customer service team


Stories help users understand the onboarding process and highlight digital features, increasing brand trust & laying a foundation for strong relationships

Decrease in customer service queries

Increased feature adoptions

Increased engagement and retention

Digital payment app Sadapay is dedicated to making financial management simple and fun for their users. By partnering with Mastercard, Sadapay offers physical debit cards as well as enabling users to shop online at retailers around the world. As part of a new generation of financial apps, Sadapay offers a customer-centric, mobile-first experience that helps their users take control of their money wherever and whenever. 

Challenge #1: Nurturing an Engaged User Base

Founded in 2019, Sadapay is focused on growth, and knows that the best way to nurture an engaged audience is through providing a top-quality user experience. Sadapay needed engagement strategies that were built for the mobile ecosystem and could offer their customers a seamless orientation to the capabilities of the Sadapay app. 

Challenge #2: Pulse Checking their Marketing Strategies

In the world of digital marketing, information is everything, and Sadapay needed to be able to tell immediately if their strategies were working and if user needs were being met. In considering customer engagement platforms, the team at Sadapay wanted to make sure that they would be able to track metrics whenever necessary, and could gather actionable feedback to guide their content and product strategy. 

Challenge #3: Communicating Wait Times to Eager Users

As Sadapay grows its customer base, there are occasionally wait times for new customers to get their debit cards. The customer service teams were fielding a lot of questions and concerns from customers about wait times but wanted a better way to communicate with customers. Sadapay was looking for a way to enable their users to find the information they needed without engaging the customer service team. 

And then they found Storyly…

Solution #1: Stories Engage Audience Attention and Loyalty

this image contains the example of Story that SadaPay created.

Though users are familiar with the Story format from social media, in-app Stories are a rarity in Pakistani mobile experiences, so integrating Storyly Stories helps Sadapay stand out in a crowded digital landscape. With Stories, Sadapay can communicate directly with users in a frustration-free format that doesn’t rely on notifications. By focusing on helping users get the most value from their app as quickly as possible, Sadapay deepens customer loyalty, boosts retention and gives their users an authentic reason to recommend the app to friends and family. 

Solution #2: The Storyly Dashboard Offers Real-Time Audience Insights

this image contains the example of Storyly analytics dashboard.

One of Sadapay’s favorite features of Storyly is the comprehensive analytics dashboard where the marketing team can see campaign statistics, user interactions, and audience insights. By having everything in one place, it’s easy for the marketing team to adjust their strategies as needed. Plus, with interactive Story stickers it’s quick and easy for users to share feedback on everything from pain points to favorite features. With quizzes, polls, sliders, and open-response queries, Sadapay can gather both qualitative and quantitative feedback from their users and even create new audience segments based on responses. 

Solution #3: Improving Customer Service and Communication with Stories

this image contains the example of Story that SadaPay created.

The marketing team at Sadapay has created informational Stories to help their users understand more about the process of getting a physical debit card, and highlighting the digital debit card feature, which increases brand trust while reducing the burden on the customer service team. Stories are easy for users to access and navigate, making them an ideal format for delivering informational content. Sadapay users can enjoy Stories that help them learn more about the app and its features, as well as learn about financial management.


Since implementing Storyly Stories, Sadapay has been thrilled with the capabilities of the Story format. The customer service team has seen a decrease in users’ questions about debit card wait times and the marketing team has seen an increase in the digital debit card feature adoption. Users are loving the Story format, and letting Sadapay know in interviews and sticker responses and the Stories have become an essential component of Sadapay’s engagement and retention strategies. The Sadapay team is excited to continue to utilize the power of Stories to reach their goals and grow their user base!

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Dilayda Soylu

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