5 Best SDKs to Get the Best Out of In-App Surveys

5 Best SDKs to Get the Best Out of In-App Surveys

One of the best ways to build an app that fits your users’ wants and needs is to ask them what they want directly. However, not every user is ready to help you in that matter. Where should you ask your users for their opinions? Where they already are – in your app! Getting people to respond has a higher likelihood in your app than on the mobile web. Mobile web surveys have a response rate of 1-3% while the rate increases to 13% with in-app surveys. How can you approach your app users to ask their opinions? We explained this in a previous post. Check it out to learn more “Avoiding “Skip”: How to Ask for Feedback. In this blog post, we compiled the best SDKs you can integrate into your mobile app to present in-app surveys and improve your app according to our users’ ideas.

If you need some background information about SDKs, you can visit here.


Apptentive is a mobile customer engagement platform that helps companies listen to, engage with, and retain customers. It offers many capabilities, namely sentiment analysis, ratings and reviews, surveys, analytics, message center, etc.

Customers can create and customize surveys within the Apptentive dashboard, and they can use the surveys both on mobile and the web. Apptentive’s surveys are shown either when the user taps a specific button or when a pre-set condition is met; it pops up. Apptentive allows customers to target specific segments. It also enables event targeting to motivate the users to answer the survey at the right time.

Apptentive’s tool collects qualitative and quantitative data and sorts them into categories so that the customers can analyze it

Image: Apptentive

Pricing: Available upon request.

Website: www.apptentive.com/


SurveyMonkey is a popular cloud-based SaaS company that works in online survey development. It is a very powerful and well-known platform for surveys. It provides all the necessary tools to create professional or personal surveys on both mobile and web. Customers can use the mobile SDK of SurveyMonkey to measure overall satisfaction and conduct real-time product research via random polls, event-based triggers, and passive feedback where users can provide feedback whenever they want.  

Customers can customize the design of the survey to match their apps.

Image: SurveyMonkey

Pricing: Different plans available. The mobile SDK can be incorporated into the app with any SurveyMonkey plans. If the customer wants to take action based on user response, then the plan should be upgraded to Advantage ($28 per month per user, starting with 3 users) or a higher plan.  

Website: www.surveymonkey.com


As well as collecting and analyzing feedback from users on the web, Mopinion also works for native apps. After integrating its SDK, customers can reach to features such as targeting, customizable feedback forms, and visual feedback to reveal problems.

The Mopinion dashboard gives the customers full control of the analysis process.

Image: Mopinion

Pricing: Different plans available. For the mobile SDK, pricing starts at $579/month (Turbo Package).

Website: www.mopinion.com


Survicate is a feedback, survey, and NPS management tool working with giants like Atlassian NGINX, and Sendgrid. It offers website, web app and in-app surveys, email and link surveys, and mobile app surveys for Android and iOS.

Customers can install Survicate mobile SDK and create surveys whose questions are chosen from various types, including NPS, CSAT, and CES. Customers can use conditional and targeted surveys, design them according to their apps.

Image: Survicate

Pricing: Different plans available and in-app surveys are available for all plans. For visitor sampling and custom integration features, the minimum plan required is the Professional Plan which costs $99 per month.

Website: www.survicate.com


Storyly is a user engagement platform that delivers stories to mobile apps. It aims to drive in-app engagement and revenue by using the users’ familiarity with stories. Besides providing users with interactive content via stories, customers can also benefit from showing relevant stories to users with the help of segmentation and targeting. Storyly customers can also create story polls, sliders, and multiple-choice questions, and place emoji reaction options to get insights. Users can answer questions without being disrupted by pop-out screens.

Image: Storyly

Pricing: Storyly offers a free plan up to 25,000 Monthly Active Users. Startup Plan covering up to 100,000 Monthly Active Users is $349 per month. Growth (up to 500,000 Monthly Active Users, $699) and Enterprise Plan are available.

The power of feedback and surveys is undeniable for every business. Whether you are getting negative comments, low ratings, or appraisals, you should take into consideration that every feedback has the potential to fuel your app. Hence, it is important to choose the best SDK for your mobile app to improve your app and user experience.


Berkem Peker

Berkem Peker is a growth strategist at Storyly. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the Middle East Technical University. He/him specializes in growth frameworks, growth strategy & tactics, user engagement, and user behavior. He enjoys learning new stuff about data analysis, growth hacking, user behavior.

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