Level up your customer engagement by connecting Braze audience data and Storyly Stories

Level up your customer engagement by connecting Braze audience data and Storyly Stories

Storyly makes it easy to connect with users at any stage of their brand journey with mobile-native Stories that are intuitive, inspiring, and engaging, but we’re always working towards new capabilities and connections to help marketers create their best campaigns.  

Which is why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Braze Alloys as a member of their Independent Software Vendor Program! By combining the insights of Braze’s world-class customer engagement platform with the engagement power of Storyly Stories, brands can deliver relevant, personalized campaigns with powerful impact! 

Braze Brings Granular Audience Insights to Storyly

One of the chief advantages of the Braze partnership is the ability to connect audience segments identified and created in Braze, directly into Storyly, without the need for developer input. Storyly continues to support segmentation for targeted campaigns with the labeling feature, but for those teams already using Braze, it will be even faster and easier to connect with specific audience needs and design unique touchpoints for their users. 

Precise Audience Segmentation Strengthens Targeted Campaigns

Image tells about how you can create Stories while using Braze audience

As an omnichannel customer engagement platform, Braze is able to inform marketers with analytics on audience behaviors as they interact with the app and/or website. With granular insights such as these, marketers can design campaigns that make best use of their efforts. 

By curating their Story campaigns with this enhanced information, marketers can avoid inundating users with messaging they’ve already seen and responded to, or expand the reach of their most successful campaigns. 

For example:

  • Follow up on email campaigns with in-app Stories reminding users of special offers
  • Notify users when a favorited item is on sale with a personalized Story
  • Offer personalized promo codes as a thank you for leaving a review
  • Ensure that existing subscribers are not included in subscription campaigns while using an app
  • Remind users of abandoned cart items and streamline conversion

Sensitive Listening for Thoughtful Responses

With the Braze integration, marketers can continuously update their audience segments based on real-time audience behavior without the need for a development effort to pass segments to Storyly. The ability to respond appropriately to audience needs and pain points, with a dynamic platform enabling personalized communication such as Stories is an indispensable tool for forging authentic customer relationships and deeping audience investment. 

Plays Well with Others: Enriching Your Engagement Ecosystem

Crafting an effective marketing campaign relies not only on the ability to deliver compelling messaging, but to know when to deliver that message and to whom. The ability to integrate multiple data stacks directly into campaign creation allows marketers to remain agile and impactful. 

Stories offer a top-tier audience experience through mobile-native visual storytelling and personalizable, interactive capabilities, making them an especially effective tool for customer engagement. When combined with the data-driven analytics capabilities of Braze, marketers can effortlessly enhance their engagement ecosystem to deliver stunning campaigns and meaningful results. 

Let’s Put it into Practice!

Image tells example use cases for creating Stories with Braze audience

Here are a few possible examples to get you inspired by how Braze and Storyly can work together to solve some common challenges faced by app owners. 

Driving Conversion with Targeted Promo Codes

Image tells how you can use promo code interactives to Braze audience

Sometimes all it takes to drive conversion is a small nudge, but the trick is sending exactly the right prompt to the right user at the right time. Offering promo codes to hyper-targeted segments not only drives conversion but helps users develop a relationship with your brand. Create Stories that are personalized, relevant, and timely to maximize engagement.

Consider messages such as:

  • The style you’ve added to your wishlist is back in stock! Here’s 10% off just for you to sweeten the deal. Add to cart now!
  • Thanks for checking us out! Here’s a special promo code for your first purchase, but it’s only good for 24hrs– don’t miss out! 
  • Loving what you got? We’d love to hear what you think of your latest purchase! Leave a review now for free shipping on your next order!

Streamline Your Onboarding Flow

The ability to create simple, intuitive, distraction-free onboarding flows is one of the best features of adding a Story layer to your app, and with Braze data integration, it’s easier than ever to get new users confident and comfortable. 

Braze’s rich data allows you to target new users with onboarding Stories, not just at their first use, but at any point along the user journey that could use a personal touch. Keep in mind that a smooth onboarding journey is a key customer retention strategy, and making high-touch investments in new users, is likely to pay off in brand loyalty and lifetime customer value. 

Trying using targeted Stories to:

  • Highlight underutilized features or introduce new ones
  • Reactivate users who’ve abandoned the onboarding flow
  • Reward engagement with gamified onboarding achievements

Encourage Account Activation

Targeted Stories are a great way to reach out to users who haven’t completed the onboarding flow or who have yet to enter their information to create an account. By highlighting the benefits of account activation, and guiding users through the process, you’ll increase customer engagement, help them get the most out of your app, and ensure high-quality data on your customer base. 

If you have a loyalty program, this is also an excellent opportunity to showcase its value and drive sign-ups with Stories. Ensuring a smooth signup process is a great way to invest in your audience right from the start, and can help retain customers for the long term.

Gather Firsthand Data from Users

The best authority on the needs of your users are the users themselves, and Stories are the ideal tool for opening up that dialogue. Interactive elements such as quizzes, emoji sliders, and polls, make it easy, fast, and fun for users to provide brands with zero-party data on their needs and preferences.

Need to know the pain points of just a certain portion of your audience? The Braze partnership makes it possible to publish feedback Stories to user segments on a granular level, and invite real-time customer engagement. With highly relevant data direct from the source, it’s easy to guide campaign strategy for any goal from improving customer engagement to user retention.

By continuing to curate Stories using Braze’s segmentation capabilities, and refining Braze audiences based on responses to interactive Stories, marketers can create an optimized experience powered by reliable insights. 

Increase Subscribers 

Many apps struggle with converting their unpaid users to subscribers, so it becomes crucial to be able to directly communicate the value of subscription specifically to this segment. Targeting unsubscribed users with personalized Stories that showcase the subscription options is a great way to boost subscription rates, and increase brand retention. Make paid feature adoption effortless and frictionless with tappable Stories that guide users towards conversion. 

Excited to get started? Explore the Braze integration capabilities in Storyly Dashboard today, or book a call to find out more.


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