In-App Engagement Statistics & Tips for Health Apps

In-App Engagement Statistics & Tips for Health Apps

The health and fitness app industry is growing exponentially, with more and more people adopting healthier lifestyles. Users don’t shy away from choosing paid subscriptions for quality apps that help them on their personal health and fitness journeys.

Health App Statistics

According to the Gallup survey taken out during the November of 2020 show that 20% of men and 17% of women use these apps to track their health statistics.

The health app users are likely to be younger, and adults the age of 55 mostly use the health apps about 24 to 25 %, and adults use about 12%. These differences may be due to generation and usage style. According to the survey of Gallup, it is supposed that about 45% of the Americans tried to use health app and increase their engagement like using the fitness tracker or mobile health app.

What is In-App Engagement?

Generally, engagements refer to the metrics that track how many users are interacting with your apps. It also tells that how the active users are on the application of the healthy mobile app. App engagement metrics can also add how many times a user opens the app, its duration, and what actions take in the mobile app.

Tips for In-App Engagement

Personalize Communication

Most of the consumers want to increase the relationship with the new brand apps. By making personal communication with the customer, it will increase the app engagement. In personal communication, it is easy to know about the customers’ problems or any feedback related to the health app. These communication types help the apps feedback and solve the customer problem and improve the product functionally over time. By knowing the different feedback and uses application it enhances the app engagement and improves the statistics nature. With Storyly, you can create customized stories for your mobile app. You can deliver personalized in-app experience for your users. Contact for more details about Storyly.

Encourage Usage of App Feature

The best way is to give all maximum information about the app for the users and give some ads related to the health mobile and fitness it will encourage the usage of the different app features. There are too many features that are not understandable for the customers; giving time and detailed information will help the consumers increase the app’s engagement. Good accuracy and informative material in the healthy apps encourage the app features’ usage and enhance the app engagements.

Build Loyalty

To develop good loyalty with the customer is to maximize the rate of the app engagement. In the competitive era, there is also competition in the different app features and usage. Mobile users with a higher lifetime value are more likely to spend on in-app purchases, So always remember that a small reward and efforts build loyalty that can go a long way. By offering rewards or incentives, there is more chance to build loyalty and improve the engagement of healthy apps. To allow sharing via social media, transfer your product into a game, create customizable experiences and develop the faithful feature according to the customer, increase the rate of loyalty and improve the healthy app engagements.

Ensure Data Privacy

Hackers steal the data, and misuse may reduce the engagement of the healthy apps. Security is the biggest concern nowadays. To ensure data privacy, there is a need to give full security about the customers’ apps and features. Another statistic reveals that about 93 % of the apps contain the same level of security concerns. The common issue of healthy mobile app security is improper handling, broken cryptography, data leakage, and poor authentication levels. By giving the data security through the SQ Lite database, Encryption modules may ensure data privacy and maximized the In-app engagements. MAM and MDM integration Use only authorized APIs also give the surety of the data privacy.

Pay Attention to Push Notification Timing & Frequency

Push notification is a short type of message that is sent directly to your user’s mobile device. It is a great way to trigger the In-app engagements and notify the users of important news and much more. As more and more people start using your healthy apps, take advantage of the healthy apps usage statistics to make your push notification smarter. By checking the time, mind the frequency, writing an attractive text, targeting your users, and tracking and improving and pleasing sound, all these tricks and skills pay attention to push the notification according to the timing and frequency.

Final Words

In-App Engagement is the best way to make the people engage with your enlightened apps in the more competitive era. To know the recent statistics of the apps, modified healthy apps according to the peoples, mood, health, and world status enhance your healthy apps’ engagements with the help of the tips we gave. By giving all possible aspects to the customers within the apps also increase the usage of apps.


Berkem Peker

Berkem Peker is a growth strategist at Storyly. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the Middle East Technical University. He/him specializes in growth frameworks, growth strategy & tactics, user engagement, and user behavior. He enjoys learning new stuff about data analysis, growth hacking, user behavior.

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