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In-App Stories

Stories: The Leading Mobile Format

Deniz Taşyürek
November 28, 2022

According to World Advertising Research Center (WARC), 72% of users will access the internet exclusively through mobile devices by 2025. 

Per 99 Firms, 500 million people view Instagram stories alone, and spend between 15-30 minutes daily doing so. 

Forrester Consulting found that 64% of users preferred a tappable story over its scrolling article equivalent.

Wistia reports that the average engagement rate for short-form video content such as stories is nearly 54%.

What Makes Stories So Popular?

In-app story screens


Unlike other UI elements, which have been adapted from desktop to mobile formats, stories are the first content format developed for mobile creation and consumption.


Stories are easy for users to enjoy! They offer full-screen, distraction-free content that is simple, streamlined, and snackable.


Tappable, shoppable stories put users in the driver's seat while paving the path toward desired actions and conversions.


The ephemeral nature and off-the-cuff vibe of stories offer contrast to the highly curated nature of corporate social media feeds.

Why Should Your Brand Use Stories?

Meet User Expectations

The mobile-first future is here. Millennials, Gen Z, and younger audiences rely on mobile experiences for shopping, e-commerce, content consumption, and communication. 

Empower Users with Familiarity

Stories have been in use for nearly a decade meaning that most users are already familiar with them and even new users are delighted by how intuitive they are to navigate. 

Start a Dialogue for Actionable Insight

Interactive stories let you take the pulse of your users on any topic, at any time, so you can make informed decisions based on first-party data.

Deepen Brand Loyalty

Use stories to offer your audience a “backstage peek” into the brand they love! Stories feel authentic, intimate, and genuine– especially when personalized!

A Sneak Peek at Storyly

An engagement tool to embed full-screen, interactive stories in your app and website! 

Storyly empowers mobile marketing strategies of apps and websites, and enables them to engage with the audience beyond the limits of the screen, with the most catchy and addictive content format available, stories.

Build engaging and personalized communication with consumers through a blank canvas for rich, interactive, customized content sharing.

A sneak peek at Storyly

Deniz Taşyürek

Content & Brand Marketing Strategist at Storyly. Writes about mobile user behavior, user engagement, and retention. A genuine Potterhead. She also loves succulents, cats, and aerial yoga.

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Integrate Storyly and CleverTap for Personalized User Journeys and Engaging Content

Successful mobile marketers know the importance of creating user journeys that engage and excite their audiences with relevant content, products, and messaging. Of course, the best way to do so is to get to know their audiences as well as possible in order to understand their preferences, pain points, and needs. With high-quality, reliable user data and thoughtfully curated messaging journeys, marketers can help their users get the best experience from their brand while boosting engagement, conversion, and retention. Storyly is a customer engagement platform that allows digital brands to embed full-screen, interactive, mobile-native Stories into apps and websites, for best-in-class content engagement while CleverTap drives contextual individualization with the help of a unified and deep data layer, AI/ML-powered insights, and automation. With this new integration, it’s easier than ever for marketers to leverage the power of both platforms to deliver data-driven, personalized user flows for their most effective campaigns yet. 

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