Storyly’s Customer Support and the G2 Spring 2022 Mobile Marketing Report

Storyly’s Customer Support and the G2 Spring 2022 Mobile Marketing Report

Every quarter, review platform G2 releases a report and rewards companies with multiple badges based on the reviews they received. Storyly was the recipient of seven of these badges in the mobile marketing software category based on the stellar customer reviews we received and the reputation we’ve built as a customer-centric business. Additionally, we earned the “Users Love Us” in G2’s winter report, which gives us a total of eight badges.

In the G2 spring 2022 grids, many companies won a series of badges for the quality they brought to their respective categories. Here we’ll provide a breakdown of the badges that Storyly received and explore why we’re so committed to providing our customers with the best experience. By providing constant support and making our services customer-focused, we’ve kept our customers consistently happy, which these accolades and awards from G2 show.

Earning Badges in the Mobile Marketing Software Category

Specifically, Storyly earned seven badges within the G2 mobile marketing software category. Products in this category help resolve certain business issues and meet organizational goals. Storyly does so by offering mobile and website marketers the chance to connect with audiences through customized, rich stories. These stories consolidate information into a bite-sized and engaging piece of content that customers can personalize and make interactive.

In addition to qualifying for the Mobile Marketing Software category, Storyly fell within that category’s Mid-Market grid, which requires businesses to have a minimum of 10 reviews left by reviewers from mid-sized companies.

Within this category, Storyly earned a total of seven badges in the Relationship Index and Usability Index.

The Relationship Score

G2 calculates its Relationship score using an algorithm that takes real-user satisfaction ratings into account for certain questions related to customer-business relationships. Storyly earned a few badges in the Relationship Index, including:

Two "Best Support" Badges

Storyly earned two “Best Support” badges: one in the overall grid within the Mobile Marketing Software category and another in the mid-market grid. These badges help show that our customers have come to see our customer service and support as top-tier.

The "Easiest to Do Business With" Badge

This badge further highlights our customers’ enjoyment in working with us, as we’ve worked to provide them with the support they need to succeed with the Storyly platform. We make sure your customers benefit from a solution that’s easy to use and truly accessible, with the ability for customers to create and launch fully customized stories with ease.

The Usability Index

In addition to the Relationship Index, Storyly earned two badges in the Usability Index. Having a good ranking in this index indicates that software is easy to use at every level, from admins who set accessibility and preferences to users below the admin level. The badges we earned in this index include:

The "Easiest Admin" Badge

This badge indicates the ease with which administrators can manage users and permissions with software. Storyly enables admin users to have full control over accessibility and settings to maximize security and usability.

The "Easiest to Use" Badge

Customers also found Storyly easy to use overall, with settings that make story creation and implementation consistently efficient.

Additionally, Storyly received the “Highest Ranking” badge along with the “Easiest to Use” badge, both of which include the top 20 companies in the Mobile Marketing Software category. We ranked #7 and #6 for the “Highest Ranking” and “Easiest to Use” rankings, respectively.

All of these badges showcase Storyly’s diligence in providing customers with the best possible experience whenever they turn to us.

About Storyly and Our Customer-Centric Solution

At Storyly, we understand how hard it can be for businesses to engage with their app users and website visitors. In an effort to make this easier, we developed the Storyly dashboard and customizable stories that help connect with users of all types.

You might be familiar with platforms like Spotify that have provided users with personalized summaries of their experiences. Storyly works similarly, but our stories offer the chance to connect with audiences using a variety of content. In addition to usage summaries, you can use Storyly’s dashboard to create stories that serve as custom product recommendations based on each user’s order history and interests, shopping cart reminders, and other content.

A Fully Customizable and Accessible Platform

Storyly is incredibly easy to use, which is part of why G2 awarded us their badges in the “Easiest Admin” and “Ease of Use” categories. Customers can easily set up stories in their apps or on their website using a lightweight SDK that you can set up within 15 minutes. Using the intuitive dashboard, you can create custom stories with ready-made templates or your own custom templates, all without the need for coding experience. You can customize every aspect of your stories, from the overall look to the level of interaction that people have, with the ability to add GIFs through Giphy.

Automation for Increased Ease of Use

We also allow our customers to automate the Story publishing process by enabling them to convert their RSS and product feeds into engaging stories. In addition, users can import Instagram and YouTube content into these stories to repurpose all types of visual content and save more time and energy. To make things even simpler, our Storyly API gives users the ability to automatically generate stories without logging into the Storyly dashboard.

To learn more about how to automate story creation using Storyly, check out the following articles:

  • Making the Most of Automation in Storyly
  • Content Automation 101 with Storyly

Helping Our Customers Satisfy Their Customers

Not only does the Storyly platform make it easy for our customers to connect with audiences, but it also makes things even easier and more convenient for their customers. Using stories, our customers can enable one-click buying with swipe-ups, custom CTAs, and product tags. They can also collect user insights with quizzes, polls, and emoji sliders that can help improve relationships with users. It’s possible to customize each story based on individual users’ tastes and order history, which will establish a more personal connection with users and make them feel as though our customers truly understand them.

Understand User Behavior with In-Depth Analytics

To help our customers get the most from our platform, Storyly users can track data around user interaction, which provides them with invaluable insights without violating user privacy. Storyly also allows for integrations into other analytics tools to consolidate data. Using this data, our customers benefit from improved decision-making as they work to further optimize the user experience and increase revenue.

Do Even More with Story Ads and Shoppable Videos

Along with customizable stories that engage users at every level, Storyly offers two additional solutions that can help drive even better results and boost ROI.

If you’re looking for a way to monetize your app, you can use Story Ads to increase ad revenue without hurting the user experience. We make it easy to integrate Google AdManager or AdMob into your app. You’ll also be able to publish static or video ads that appear as native ads within your app through Stories. Other benefits of Story Ads include the ability to offer ad partners more high-value opportunities and the preservation of app stickiness with little to no disruption.

Meanwhile, our customers can use Shoppable Videos to publish interactive videos in their app to encourage more sales. Storyly users can record videos showcasing and demonstrating their offerings and shopping events. Make these videos interactive by adding polls, quizzes, or emoji reactions via Storyly Studio. Effective CTA buttons, product tags, and swipe-ups also make it easy for users to shop through these videos. After integration, our customers will likely see their user engagement levels and sales dramatically increase.

Ultimately, we hope to provide our customers with the best possible experience whenever they use our platform. As such, we’re always looking for ways to improve upon it and make it even more effective.

What Our Customers Had to Say on G2

While G2’s mobile marketing badges help show what Storyly has done for its customers, you can get an even better picture with the many customer reviews left for us on the platform.

One of our customers had this to say about our customer service and support:

Awesome Customer Success Team! Thanks to them, we easily completed the implementation and content creation processes! The interactive elements coming to Storyly and the fact that the format is already mobile-savvy are my favorite aspects of this product. I definitely recommend Storyly!

Another customer gave the following review:

A great tool for a community app to interact with users and guide them! A channel that we definitely prefer for special days and campaigns! At the same time, the content creation process is quite easy. It is very pleasant to position the Storyly as a bridge where we connect the user with the pages having lots of details!

Finally, the Success Management service provided by Storyly really makes a difference on a sectoral level.

The following review comes from a customer who was pleased with the responsiveness of our team:

As an E-Com Mono Brand App Associate, I can say that Storyly has been very helpful in narrowing down the sales funnel we have. Additionally, one of our favorite aspects of this product is that it allows us to produce content very quickly. By the help of the interactive elements it has, the interaction it creates between the user and the app is amazing. The most important feature is our intense and qualified communication with the Product Development and Customer Success teams. Whatever we want to see in our application, we immediately convey it to the Storyly team and we see that this desire is brought to life in a very short time. It’s truly incredible!

This customer was happy with the ability of our Customer Success team to make nearly any potential use case a reality:

As Turkey’s leading optics brand, we would not have thought before the integration with Storyly, that we can bring interaction to the e-commerce application that we have . With the interactive elements that Storyly provides, we can interact with the users within the application, and it also serves as a channel for our product promotions. At the Dashboard point, it has a very user-friendly interface and finally and most importantly you can reach Storyly’s Customer Success Team whenever you want for the possible use-cases that you might want to implement into your application.

These and myriad other reviews on G2 highlight the advantages of working with Storyly regarding access to user-friendly marketing software and a consistently helpful Customer Success Team.

Working Toward Giving Our Customers the Best Achievable Results

At Storyly, we’re honored to have received recognition from G2 in their 2022 Mobile Marketing Report based on rankings in the various G2 grids, and we hope to see this continue as we continually work to optimize our customers’ experience with us. As innovators, we’re always looking for ways to give our customers the best available solution to achieve the kind of long-term results they could only dream of with inferior solutions.

We provide our customers with cutting-edge software that’s only getting better, with newly added features and expanding potential applications making it suitable for nearly any business. Whether you want to harness the power of in-app stories or web stories, you’ll be able to build relationships with users more effectively and establish strong communication. You can also supplement stories with Story Ads and Shoppable Videos that help you boost revenue, enabling you to monetize your app in a couple of innovative ways.

Regardless of what you want to achieve with Storyly, we aim to make it possible with a Customer Success Team who cares and a continually developing platform.

Get Started with Storyly Today

If you’re considering integrating a new marketing solution to help your app or website gain more traction, Storyly offers a highly intuitive solution that’s easy to implement. You don’t need any coding experience or general tech-savviness to benefit from using Storyly, with the chance to customize stories to reach audiences of all types. You’ll likely find our platform to offer the ideal solution for marketing your brand and establishing better connections with users. Our customers benefit from increased click-through rates, conversion rates, and other improved metrics that, in turn, improve their bottom line.

Want to find out more about what Storyly can do for your business? Get in touch with us today and get started on integration.


Berkem Peker

Berkem Peker is a growth strategist at Storyly. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the Middle East Technical University. He/him specializes in growth frameworks, growth strategy & tactics, user engagement, and user behavior. He enjoys learning new stuff about data analysis, growth hacking, user behavior.

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