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More Than Circles: Custom Cover Group Styling is Here!

Dilayda Soylu
November 28, 2022

At Storyly, we are always working to give our customers more options and design capabilities, and that's why we don't want to limit ourselves with usual Story circles. While the standard circle entry point is familiar and easily recognizable, it may not always fit into the design aesthetic already established for a brand’s app or website. With custom cover group styling, brands can choose a shape that fits their style, maximizes available space, and adds visual interest to their user interface. Let’s explore the benefits of custom covers!

Pique User Curiosity with Custom Story Covers

Part of the magic of the Story format is the ability to continuously offer fresh content to app users and web visitors without disrupting the overall design. Additionally, users know where to find the latest updates and offers, and can easily tap through to Stories. Familiarity has its advantages, but sometimes it’s important to treat your audience to something fresh and exciting. Changing up the cover styling for your Stories can help pique the curiosity of your users, boosting engagement, and helping them access more of your content. Get them curious about new Stories with new story covers!

Story Covers Refresh Dynamically for a Fresh Look with Each Visit

In addition to custom shapes for entry points, Storyly Story groups display covers dynamically, meaning that the latest unseen Story will always be featured in the entry point image. When users tap or click through to see Story content the entry point “marks their place” so that the next time they visit the website or use the app, they’ll see a fresh cover of the latest unseen Story. This combination of familiar entry points, and dynamically refreshed content is perfect for keeping audience interest high, and frustration low. 

You’re Not Like Anyone Else, Stop Looking Like Everyone Else

Stories are more popular than ever, and with good reason. As the first mobile-native format, Stories are an ideal content layer for creating irresistible engagement opportunities; sharing news, offers, and content; and nurturing an authentic dialogue with your customer base. But just because many brands use the same tool, doesn’t mean they all have to look the same. Customizing Story group covers is a great way to stand out from the crowd (and the competition!)

Make the Most of Limited Space and Attention

Space is always at a premium, especially in an app, where the home screen needs to offer the user as much utility as possible while still keeping the interface clean looking and easy to navigate. Stories offer an elegant solution to the space constraints by offering entry points to Story groups that help users get to what they want faster and with less friction. Not only is space limited, but user attention spans are growing shorter and shorter, as evidenced by a reluctance to scroll through overwhelming amounts of content. Changing the shape of the Story covers can help you make the most of the limited space and reduce the need for scrolling both in-app, and on websites. 

Let’s See Custom Cover Group Styling in Action!

Ziraat Bank

Ziraat is one of the biggest state-owned banks in Turkey, founded in 1863. They use Storyly in their app to increase customer loyalty and ensure that their announcements reach as many users as possible. They love being able to communicate directly with customers and create a dynamic user experience with Stories, but the circle cover wasn’t an ideal fit for their app design. By customizing entry points to rectangles, Ziraat is able to create a unified aesthetic that engages users with smart design and fresh, relevant content in a frictionless format. 


SoulCycle is known for maintaining a devoted fanbase of cycling enthusiasts who love their intense and motivating spinning classes. More of a lifestyle brand than a fitness routine, SoulCycle offers its clientele a collection of “Soul Stories,” in the app and on the website, that range from Soul101 (how to get started with classes) to Soulisms (a fun glossary of SoulCycle terminology.) With custom Story group covers, SoulCycle is able to help users on their app and website find the information and inspiration they need quickly, and easily, while perfectly fighting the aesthetic of their brand.

One desktop screen with SoulCycle website homepage and highlighting the Web Stories section, one phone screen with SoulCycle website homepage and highlighting the Web Stories section, one phone screen with a full-screen Story example by SoulCycle


Birbank is Azerbaijan's first digital bank and developed its extensive financial ecosystem under the Kapital Bank. Birbank has always been a progressive company known for being an early adopter and pioneer in the digitization of financial services, so it’s no surprise that they use Stories to communicate new offers to their users, orient them to new features, and get the most out of the app. The flexibility of the cover styling allows Birbank to keep Story entry points available and accessible for users without interrupting the flow of the home screen design. With square Story covers, the Story row now looks like it was custom made for the Birbank App.


Founded in Thailand in 2013, Pomelo is an online fashion brand now popular throughout Southeast Asia. Pomelo uses Storyly to create in-app Story groups showcasing the latest new arrivals, rising fashion trends, and seasonal looks. With custom group cover styling, Pomelo offers users a sneak peek of Stories, with dynamic in the form of dynamically changing covers that keep users curious, engaged, and excited about their offerings. 

Imagine the Possibilities

Now that you’ve seen the effect of custom cover group styling for leading brands, it’s time to put this feature to work for your brand. We’ve even prepared some beautiful designs to help you get inspired. 

Ready to get started? Book a call to learn more!

Dilayda Soylu

Product Marketing Manager at Storyly, covering launches, managing products and always excited about new tech solutions. Knows/ writes about customer insights and new features. A hopeless dreamer, loves zen thinking and being in nature at the first opportunity.

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