Top 7 Storyly Features to Try in 2024 for eCommerce Success

Top 7 Storyly Features to Try in 2024 for eCommerce Success

2024 presents new challenges and opportunities for eCommerce. The digital marketplace is not just evolving, but it's also transforming at an unprecedented pace driven by factors like the rise of mobile commerce, AI-powered personalization, environmental awareness, social media shopping, augmented reality, faster shipping options, and more. Recent studies reveal that personalization alone, has the potential to increase customer retention and revenue by up to 15%, reduce costs by as much as 30%, and boost customer acquisition by around 5%.

Key challenges on the other hand, include factors like data and cybersecurity, marketing budgets, customer relationships, customer support, and international eCommerce barriers. Brands and retailers who wish to stay relevant must continuously innovate and find ways to adapt to this environment. In the midst of this transformation, Storyly stands out as a key player, offering interactive solutions that redefine how brands communicate with their audience. 

It offers a feature suite that is crucial in enhancing brand loyalty, boosting shopper engagement, and streamlining the path to purchase. This blog explores the top seven features of Storyly that are reshaping eCommerce strategies in 2024. Whether you're already using Storyly or just starting to consider it, these features are a must-try. Let's dive into how these seven features can revolutionize your online business.

Understanding the Current eCommerce Landscape

Today, retail and eCommerce are more about creating experiences than merely selling products. The landscape in 2024 is fiercely competitive, with brands vying for consumer attention in a crowded digital space. Understanding and adapting to the changing dynamics of consumer behavior is key. Consumers now seek immersive and engaging shopping experiences, emphasizing the value of interactive content and personalized experiences. 

The rapid advancement in technologies like AR, VR, and AI-driven personalization is reshaping shopping experiences. There is also a significant shift towards mobile commerce, necessitating mobile-optimized shopping journeys. The distinction between offline and online shopping is blurring, leading to an increased focus on omnichannel strategies. Therefore, brands need innovative, tech-driven solutions to meet these evolving expectations. Here, Storyly's features offer retailers and eCommerce businesses a competitive edge.

Why Storyly in 2024

Storyly has established itself as an indispensable platform for brands by excelling in creating personalized, interactive, and shoppable experiences on both app and web platforms. Its role in enhancing brand loyalty, shopper engagement, increasing daily retention and overall conversions was crucial in 2023, so it will be in 2024. Storyly's feature suite not only captivates customers but also helps shorten the path to purchase. From 8% increase in conversion rate, 60% increase in pageviews and 26% increase in daily retention to 60% decrease in bounce rates, Storyly has undeniably proven its effectiveness in enhancing user engagement and driving positive metrics for ecommerce businesses. 

Top Storyly Features for 2024

Shoppable Video Stories for Higher Add-to-Cart Rates

Storyly is redefining the digital shopping experiences with shoppable video Stories. These immersive videos not only streamline the purchasing process by allowing users to make purchases directly from the Story content itself, without being distracted by any other element, but they also significantly enhance product discovery. This significantly elevates user experience resulting in a more engaging and distraction-free shopping journey. So far, on average, our customers have seen an 8% increase in conversion rate, and 64% higher conversion rate compared to banners.

Dynamic Experience with Enhanced Animations

Besides shoppable videos, Storyly’s studio also offers advanced animation capabilities for both images and videos in Stories. These animations are crucial in creating a dynamic, and engaging experience that captures user attention and showcases products in an interactive way.

Animations like fade in, fade out, bounce, and rotate bring static visuals to life, adding a layer of interactivity and movement. Similarly, videos can also be enriched with these animations, creating a cohesive and immersive experience. The beauty of Storyly’s studio lies in its simplicity and autonomy. Users can effortlessly add these dynamic elements without the need for external teams or tools. This not only saves time but also empowers creators to fully control and customize the experience, resulting in a more engaging and interactive showcase of products.

Automated Shoppable Stories to Minimize Content Creation Effort

Storyly's automated shoppable Stories feature comes with a variety of customizable templates. This reduces the effort in content creation while maintaining high engagement. The variety in template structures provides an abundance of options, catering to different creative needs and styles. 

These templates allow brands to quickly produce content that is not only captivating but also directly contributes to the shopping experience. By minimizing the effort required in content creation and maximizing the potential for customer engagement, these templates are an essential tool for brands looking to enhance their online presence and drive sales.

Interactive Stickers for Customer Feedback

Interactive stickers, like quizzes and emoji ratings, offer an engaging way to collect customer feedback. They are vital tools for eCommerce businesses. These stickers encourage customers to actively participate and share their opinions, leading to more meaningful engagement.

For instance, polls provide a straightforward way for customers to express preferences in a 'this or that' style, while ratings offer a fun method to gather feedback on events or new features. Quizzes, or multiple choice questions can be cleverly designed to gather data about customer preferences.

Emoji reactions add a layer of simplicity and immediacy in expressing feelings about content. Countdowns create a sense of urgency and anticipation, effectively retaining user interest. Product tags and promo codes serve as interactive call-to-actions, adding a stylish flair to product highlights or special offers. GIFs and stickers, meanwhile, introduce a playful, visually engaging element to stories, making the interaction more enjoyable.

All these interactives allow businesses to tailor their products and services to meet specific needs, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. They also provide insights for brands to enhance their strategies and offerings.

Interactive Stickers and Personalized Experiences with Audience Builder

In the current market, understanding and leveraging customer preferences is more important than ever. Storyly’s interactive stickers aren't just entertaining, but they also offer a powerful solution for collecting zero-party data directly from customers. Through interactive campaigns, such as "this or that" polls, brands can gather valuable insights into customer interests. This data is crucial for creating highly targeted and effective remarketing campaigns.

The magic of Storyly’s audience builder lies in its ability to transform these insights into customer segments. For instance, when customers are asked to choose between different product categories, such as 'this' product group or 'that', the Audience Builder creates distinct audiences based on these preferences. It then enables brands to showcase tailored discounts or offers to each group, enhancing the relevancy and effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Moreover, Storyly seamlessly integrates with CMS tools like Braze, CleverTap, and MoEngage, allowing these customer segments and insights to be effortlessly transferred and utilized within these platforms. This integration is a game-changer, as it empowers brands to leverage zero-party data gathered from interactive stickers in a dynamic and impactful way.

Personalized Experiences with Journeys

Personalization is a significant trend in 2024, and Storyly’s Journeys feature is a key player in this trend. It enables brands to create personalized Story experiences for each user, where their interactions, like quiz responses, shape the Story’s path and outcome. This dynamic approach leads to highly engaging and immersive experiences, tailored to individual preferences.

Personalized Experiences with User Properties

Storyly takes personalization to the next level with user properties. It addresses cart abandonment with targeted reminders, celebrates birthdays with personalized offers, and sends replenishment reminders for regular purchases. The platform also offers personalized recommendation Stories, making product discovery more engaging. Brands can utilize custom or branded shoppable templates to offer personalized campaigns and coupons, enhancing the shopping experience and driving sales.

Footasylum's Success with Storyly

Footasylum, a leader in British street and sports fashion, leveraged Storyly to engage their users and deepen brand partnerships. By integrating Storyly Stories, Footasylum saw an 18% increase in homepage CTR, a 21% decrease in exits, and an 8% boost in conversion. This integration helped Footasylum publish content in their app and website, leading to increased app downloads, improved retention, and stronger relationships with partner brands​​​​. 


In the competitive world of eCommerce, staying ahead is not just desirable, but also essential. Storyly’s feature suite for 2024 is your key to mastering this challenge. By prioritizing interactive content, personalization, and seamless shopping experiences, Storyly transcends the ordinary and positions itself as a comprehensive solution for enhancing customer engagement and retention. Therefore, brands looking to elevate their digital presence and engage customers meaningfully will find Storyly an essential partner in 2024. 

Now, identify your most pressing eCommerce challenge. Is it engagement, retention, or seamless integration? Storyly has the precise feature tailored for your needs. Don't let another day pass in the ordinary. Elevate your brand's digital journey with Storyly. Ready to transform your eCommerce experience? Start your journey today and contact us for a great start to 2024.


Deniz Koç

Deniz is a Content Marketing Specialist at Storyly. She holds a B.A in Philosophy from Bilkent University and she is working on her M.A degree. As a Philosophy graduate, Deniz loves reading, writing, and continously exploring new ideas and trends. She talks and writes about user behavior and user engagement. Besides her passion in those areas, she also loves outdoor activities and traveling with her dog.

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